Are you a cyborg?

Here’s a short survey, borrowed from Pattie Belle Hastings fantastic website, Cyborg Mommy. I presented it last year as part of a presentation for a course on pop-culture. Feel free to post your answers to the questions in a comment. Enjoy!

Are you a cyborg?

1. Are you dependent on technology to the extent that you could not survive without it?*

* Would you be prepared to hunt, gather or grow your own food? Make your own clothes by hand? Read by candle light? Is it even possible, at this point in time, to live technology-free?


2. Do you consider your bank deposits, stock portfolio, or credit history more important than your fat deposits, muscular fitness or physical history?*

* Is your electronic body in better shape than your physical body? Are you better known by others for your data than your flesh? Do you have twinges of incompleteness when you are away from your computer?


3. Do you receive most of your knowledge about the world through artificial symbolic language, rather than natural sensory experience?*

* Does most of your world knowledge come from pictures, words, books, and electronic communications? How do you receive news? Newspaper? Radio? Television? Web? Gossip?


4. Do you identify yourself and judge other people more by their ability to manipulate tools and positions in technological and social systems rather than the ability to sustain the life and health of themselves and others?*

* How many people do you know and respect primarily for their vegetable garden? Primarily for their parenting skills? Primarily for their housekeeping abilities? Primarily for their relationships?


5. Do you spend more time operating, troubleshooting or upgrading machinery than in selfreflection, introspection or conscious presence?*

* How much time do you spend with the telephone? Washer and dryer? Microwave oven? Car? Computer? Vacuum cleaner? Answering machine? Blender? Stove? Sewing machine? Blow dryer? Electric razor? Television? VCR? Stereo? Camera?


6. Would you reject a lifestyle free of any technology even if you could endure and survive?*

* How many of us would really want to “drop out” all the way? Do you know anyone personally who has?


If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions, you are already a cyborg.

Congratulations and condolences.

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