Introducing the Electronic Book Review

The Electronic Book Review (EBR) is one of these stunningly untapped literary resources available on the internet, the kind of place that you stumble across entirely by accident like Alice from the rabbit hole. You spend a couple hours skipping from review to review, text to text, overcome with a shivering sense of awe at the ideas it generates inside you, glimpses of limitless vistas of thought caught out the corner of your eye.

EBR is a springboard for students (disciples?) of cyberliterature. The only reason I’ve never directly referenced it here is because I’m scared I’ll get so caught up in analyzing and admiring the implications these writers evoke in their e-texts, I’d never manage to complete the entry (and with good reason, as this has happened more than once in the past with other topics). Until now I’ve settled for letting it quietly sit in my blogroll.

EBR has gone through a number of different constructions over the years, always under the eye of editor Joseph Tabbi. It’s mandate is not one easily pinned down; it’s more than just a selection of reviews, and it’s not merely an anthology of essays about digital text. It wades nose-deep into the murky depths of theory, fearless.

Relaunched in 2005 with a new interface, Electronic Book Review (ebr) continues to host some of the best writing on and about the Internet. It is, however, more than a review and its remit extends further than purely electronic writing to embrace theory essays, discussion of webart, sound art, social critique and more. The new ebr website is organised under headings that reflect this content. (Intute)

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