Flagged Revisions – the new Wikipedia?

wikipedia.orgW I R E D | Jimmy Wales Pushes For Flagged Revisions After Fake Death Reports | Epicenter

As Encyclopedia Britannica slowly opens up more to user edits, editing some entries on Wikipedia may soon come under much tighter control if Jimmy Wales gets his way.

So the gist is that a couple high-profile entries were edited with false info, and now Jimmy Wales, (co-)founder of Wikipedia, has decided this makes for a good promotion of a new feature currently being beta-tested that would flag updates in certain entries to be reviewed by staff before appearing.



While I can see the benefit of such a concept for many wikis (it would have saved me a couple months last year of convincing our dept at work to help implement more wide-spread use of our wiki, when we were still using Wikimedia), in the case of Wikipedia I feel it flies in the face of all it represents in terms of open collaboration. As one user says:

“It took less than five minutes for the vandalism to be removed, and that’s damn impressive. Instead of being proud of your users you instead take it as an opportunity to push for flagged revisions.”


Update – Jimbo emailed Wired.com in response to the blog article:

Wales affirms he is committed to openness and that implementing flagged revisions will not restrict users.

“I am not advocating for that at all,” he wrote in an email to Wired.com. “In fact, I am advocating for opening up entries that have been protected for years.”


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