A Windowless Web

W I R E D | Envisioning the Browser of the Future | Epicenter

Web Browsers of TodayWhat would a browser look like if the web was all there was? No windows, no unnecessary trappings. Just the web.

The line above is a direct quote from Mozilla’s Labs team, and the question is the kick-off to the company’s first design challenge.

I have a hard time envisioning a windowless web, because to me a browser = a window. I do think whatever the future of the browser will be, it will be nothing at all like Epicenter predicts. (For one thing, distilling all the functions of a browser into a command line still doesn’t change the fact that you need some kind of medium in which to view the results of said functions.)

First of all, what is a browser? Just a GUI? An interactive map of a virtual environment? A virtual reality platform? …Until we can pin down exactly what a browser is/ought to be, and moreover what the Internet is/ought to be, and until a new conception of the Internet can enter into public circulation, I don’t think the traditional browser is going anywhere.

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