Living on a fish island…

((Note: I started writing this post last Friday and then just forgot about it.))

I had the strangest dream ((last)) Wednesday night.  I dreamt I was in a bubble under the sea.  Atlantis.  The décor was that of a 5-star hotel.  The Hilton Aquatique.  The soundtrack for my dream was Rush’s Limelight.

Ever since that dream I can’t stop listening to Rush. ((Well, I’ve moved back to Iron & Wine, now))

Let’s do a closing of the tabs, à la Neil Gaiman.

#1- So Archie is tying the knot.  As one twitterer put it, “it’s a sad day for lovers of crappy comics everywhere”.  Let’s be honest though.  Archie isn’t complete failure, he has some decent academics, some better athletics, he could probably make it into a nice college.  But the Andrews are your typical middle-class family, and Riverdale’s been hit just as hard as anywhere else in the US by the current economic downturn.  The Lodges, on the other hand, pretty much own Riverdale.  Archie’s just being practical.  His fiancée’s father has the connections and the money.  Not only could he get placed in a fancy school, but he might finally trade in that old jalopy for a reliable, sporty-looking vehicle.  A hybrid.  Or an SUV.  Whatever.  He’s making the smart choice.

#2-Bill #44 Twitfest.  In general, I think Twitter is a great medium within which to introduce items for political debate.  Note the following observations made by various provincial politicians:

“It was like we just broke through this huge breach…  I feel like there was this big shift in the way things are going to work.  There’s kind of this exponential ability for Joe Public to affect the debate.” 
– Chris Labossière, Progressive Conservative MLA

“(We were) debating in the house while discussing Bill 44 with Albertans online while they watched the debate. Frankly, I thought the debate was healthier online than it was in the house.”
– Rob Andersen, Progressive Conservative MLA

“This is so new and evolving. We know from experience that the government will listen if there’s enough of a fuss created in the public realm.”
– Rick Miller, Alberta Liberal chief of staff

However, I have to agree with U of C’s David Taras:

“Twitter isn’t likely to be the place where a politician would break party ranks.  The parties control the message even when it’s online.”

The fact is, even though it’s awesome to see people getting engaged, unless there’s a huge public outcry the politicians in power aren’t going to feel threatened enough to reconsider their position (and part of the problem in Canadian politics, not unlike American politics, is that there’s a pretty even split in ideologies.)

But after eight hours of debate on the Human Rights Act, little had changed. Opposition MLAs put up at least six amendments, including recognizing gender identity and changing human rights guidelines dealing with free speech, all of which were shot down.

((BTW, Bill #44 passed.))

#3- Craigslist accused of being just like any other classified listing.   So the attorney general of South Carolina is upset that Craigslist lists what every other newspaper in its state does?  The most ridiculous thing about this is the media’s role in all of it.  Buckmaster makes the point when he says:

“Journalistic media have no interest in reporting on far larger numbers, and far more graphic ads that exist in their own publications.  They only have an interest in reporting such ads as they appear on the internet, and on Craigslist in particular.”

Here’s the full transcript of Buckmaster’s interview with The Guardian.

iPhone app makes lovely cover art

iPhone app makes lovely cover art

#4- iPhone art makes New Yorker cover.  I gotta hand it to the New Yorker, they’re raising their standards with this one.  😉  …In all seriousness, this is probably unsurprising, but still cool.  I love the part where they say it took about an hour to make the cover using Brushes Viewer (iPhone app) to do the cover image.  The video is neat too.

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