Visualizing Cultural Analytics

HuCo 500 – Weekly questions


How would you begin to establish a taxonomy, as Manovich suggests (“Cultural Analytics for Beginners”), for the different types of digital content for analysing culture?  Is this enough?


Manovich claims that we have to turn “culture” into “data” (this is, based on these readings, the basis of ‘Cultural Analytics’).  He goes on to define “culture” as “beliefs, ideologies, fashions, and other non-physical properties.” (“Visualizing Temporal Patterns in Visual Media”)  What sort of data can one derive from such artefacts?  More importantly, how does one make sense of the data?  What is meaningful?



Manovich, Lev. “Cultural Analytics for Beginners.” 2009.

Manovich, Lev and Jeremy Douglass. “Visualizing Temporal Patterns in Visual Media.” 2009.

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