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Why Jason Hates Cory Doctorow

Here’s an amusing (mostly accurate) article by an old message board acquaintance of mine, about why Cory Doctorow is a “fucking dick”.  Not that I’m endorsing his point of view– I don’t mind Cory Doctorow, and I happen to think geek chic is cool (does that make me one of the festering unreal people?)– but his description of the Bono issue is, all in all, pretty fair.

Also enjoyed the depiction of Doctorow as a poor man’s Neal Stephenson.

Welcome to 2010, people!


This week: Google, Bing, and ‘bawdy houses’

I’m going to look at a few articles I’ve meant to write about from the last week. 


I really have nothing intelligent to say about this, besides how wacky it is that 21st-century legislation in Canada still refers to locations in which prostitution takes place as “common bawdy houses”. 


This week Microsoft launched Bing, their official attempt at going head-to-head with the omnipresent (potentially omnicient?) Google.  Bing includes a search engine, mapping software to compete with Google Maps, and even 411 business/business category searches.  I got the following in another email at work (this tends to happen a lot):

Lost in all the excitement around today’s public preview launch of Bing, Microsoft’s new search engine, was the subsequent launch of Bing 411. This is a direct swipe at another Google product, GOOG-411.

Both are free and both use speech-to-text technology and voice recognition to completely automate directory assistance calls. GOOG-411 (1-800-466-4411) has been going for a while, and is surprisingly intuitive. It keeps adding features like nearby intersections.

My take on this?  Bing is a Google clone.  There have been a few attempts in the past by others to compete with Google, and all have failed miserably.  But if anyone has the money and the influence to face-off against Google, it’s Microsoft.


Speaking of Google and searching, here’s an interesting article by the nearly-as-omnipresent (at least in matters webby-and-right-wise) Cory Doctorow in this week’s Guardian: Continue reading