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Is the turkey a metaphor?

KTUU 2008 Sarah Palin turkey interview

A 2008 news story on KTUU channel 2 in Anchorage. Subject: Governor Sarah Palin is interviewed at a turkey farm while turkeys are slaughtered behind her.

WARNING: Not for the faint of heart! A turkey is slaughtered in this video!

I debated the wisdom in posting this, but then I realized I’m just not that wise. Besides, it’s the “I can’t believe what is happening before my very eyes!” feeling that I wanted to share. What is it about Sarah Palin that generates this sense in viewers so much?

I’ve almost convinced myself that she’s just a very elaborate figment of my imagination, because no actual living person could be this surreal.


Throttling customers

bell-cp-4901164.jpgCRTC allows Bell to continue internet throttling

Bell Canada Inc. is not breaking any laws by slowing internet speeds and will be allowed to continue throttling its customers, the CRTC has ruled.

‘…allowed to continue throttling its customers’ is really an unfortunate turn of phrase, don’t you think? Makes it sound even more sinister than it actually is (and the reality is sobering enough).

At least the CRTC is opening a new probe into internet throttling in general. One can only hope the outcome will be more encouraging.